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More than addiction rehab...

Adult & Teen Challenge Ohio Valley provides a drug free, alcohol free, tobacco free environment where men 18 & older can come for short term addiction rehab or for long term addiction recovery (12-14 months). Adult & Teen Challenge Ohio Valley offers Christ Centered faith-based solutions to adults who struggle with opioid, heroin, crack, meth, alcohol or any other life controlling drug addiction. We are confident that a restored relationship with God through Jesus Christ can transform men who are broken into free & sober individuals. While in the program the men experience bible classes, work experience programs, & daily chapel services that help develop a positive character & personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We can't wait to see you & we look forward to you coming to visit.

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Our Mission

Adult & Teen Challenge Ohio Valley's mission is to introduce people in addiction to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through discipleship. By applying Biblical principles, individuals will be:

Rebuilding Lives,
Restoring Families,
& Reclaiming Our Community

We will be responsible stewards of God's resources, emphasizing operational & financial performance with a continuous improvement mindset, resulting in long term financial sustainability. Everything we do shall be with excellence for the honor & Glory of God.

Short Term Rehab Options Available

To living a healthy & sober life.

Adult & Teen Challenge Ohio Valley helps individuals struggling with heroin, opioid, meth, crack, alcohol, or any other & life controlling addiction. experience true freedom through the Love of God & a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

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The Drug Epidemic.

Everyone knows someone suffering from opioid, heroin, or other drug addictions. In 2016 alone more than 11 million people abused prescription opioids and nearly 948,000 reported using heroin according to the CDC.

The truth is that Drug overdoses claimed the lives of nearly 64,000 Americans in 2016 & the total has only increased in 2017 & 2018.

But there is hope...

Adult & Teen Challenge Ohio Valley is dedicated to fighting these addictions. Our comprehensive short term option & long term recovery program offers addiction counseling to truly get at the root of why a person chooses to turn to drug use. Our friendly & knowledgeable staff is dedicated to walking hand in hand with your loved one in their journey towards a healthy sober lifestyle.

Our licensed Chemical Dependency Counseling Assistants (CDCA's) have overcome addiction themselves. They know the obstacles that you or your loved one is now facing. This establishes connection between our clients & staff.

Most importantly we believe in the healing power of Jesus Christ. Our program offers a variety of classes & courses designed to not only help you or your loved live a healthy sober lifestyle but to help build a foundation for life.

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27 Million people self-reported misuse of prescription & illegal drugs.
Adult & Teen Challenge USA
Approximately 174 deaths daily in the U.S. Due to drugs.
Adult & Teen Challenge USA
67% of all U.S. families are struggling with active addiction
Adult & Teen Challenge USA
$442 billion spent annually dealing with drug and alcohol abuse.
Adult & Teen Challenge USA


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If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction please don't hesitate. Contact our offices or click the link below to learn more about the admissions process.

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