Family Testimony

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We want to share our story to help others that think there is no help for drug addiction. Our son Cody is a student at Ohio Valley Teen Challenge. This drug addiction has taken it’s tole on our family and we were really at a loss and didn’t know where to turn or what to do. In May, our son got arrested for having a loaded gun and drugs in a car. He spent over 5 days in jail. Never does a mother want to visit on a TV screen talking to her son in an orange jail uniform. We didn’t think that a young man that got great grades, ran track and did very well and was raised by a loving supportive family would get himself into this situation. Drugs change the loved ones you think you once knew, to people you don’t want to know or be around. The recent drug epidemic has taken over. DRUGS changed our loving, caring, son into an irresponsible, hurtful, stealing, lying young man. He had to hit rock bottom and we had to stop enabling him to live under our roof and support him for this to happen. Fortunately, it happened quickly for our son and he wanted to go to a rehab at Teen Challenge and change.
Our son today, is up from 128 pounds to 165. He is a caring, loving GOD fearing young man. He has dealt head on with the causes of his depression and unhappiness that caused him to turn to drug usage. He now will be a wonderful father to his son and lead a life without addiction. Without the help of Ohio Valley Teen Challenge our son would most likely be dead or in prison. The brotherhood at this facility was evident from the day we dropped Cody off, with many of the men hugging Cody and telling him it is gonna be ok. The bonds that have been made are lifelong relationships that will continue once he is out to support him in his future. Words cannot express the Thanks we have in our hearts for this wonderful team that have brought our son into a relationship with GOD and Jesus Christ.
Michael and Melina Deemer