Hope Over Addiction

From Coping to Conquering

Every man deserves a second chance. Make a tax-deductible donation today to give those who suffer from addiction the care & discipleship they need to go from coping with to conquering their addictions. 100% of your donation goes to the tuition costs of the Teen Challenge program so that we can continue to help those with no financial assistance.

Sponsor a Student

We truly appreciate your blessings to our ministry. If you’d like to Donate or Sponsor a student enter a custom amount in the box below. 100% of your gift goes to helping a young man develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

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When you make a donation to Ohio Valley Teen Challenge, join us in our mission to introduce people in addiction to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through discipleship. By applying Biblical principles, individuals will be:

Rebuilding Lives, Restoring Families, & Reclaiming Our Community

Our Vision is to be responsible stewards of God’s resources, emphasizing operational & financial performance with a continuous improvement mindset, resulting in long term financial sustainability. Everything we do shall be with excellence for the honor & Glory of God.