2017 Year In Review

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Testimony Sam Soto


Sam Soto shares a powerful testimony of redemption, and the circumstances that brought him to Ohio Valley Adult & Teen Challenge.

What’s Coming

jarrod@sitegemz.comNews & Events

Hello friends & families. I felt led to write this post about the amazing things that are coming to Ohio Valley Teen Challenge in the near future. My name is Jarrod McDaniel & I had the pleasure of speaking at our last family day event about Sitegemz.com. If you haven’t heard. Ohio Valley Teen Challenge has teamed up with Sitegemz … Read More



Sunday to Saturday Ohio Valley Teen Challenge never stops giving praises to God. Every evening Chapel starts off with worship & later kicked off by one of the staff who themselves have gone through & graduated from Teen Challenge as well as the Emerging Leaders Program. Our leaders set the stage for various guest speakers from the surrounding area who … Read More

Work Detail


Along with chapel, classes, & downtime Ohio Valley Teen Challenge students are required to complete a daily work detail under the supervision of staff. Here students may learn new skill sets or explore hidden talents not yet discovered. From auto shop & carpentry, to lawn service & catering Ohio Valley Teen Challenge manages three separate businesses to not only offset … Read More



There are 5 comfortable college style classrooms where students attend classes Monday – Friday. The Ohio Valley Teen Challenge classroom facilities are a quiet serene place where students learn how to overcome addiction & life controlling issues through the power of our Lord Jesus Christ. Here students gain a deeper understanding of the Word of God & the healing power … Read More



Along with our mandatory work detail the Ohio Valley Teen Challenge gym facilities offers students a chance to stay fit as they work daily to get their bodies & minds closer to God.